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Molly Moon

Molly Moon

Owner, Director & Dance Instructor

Studio C School of Dance is owned and operated by Molly Moon.

Molly has over 30 years of dance experience. Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, she began taking dance lessons at the age of 3 1/2. Soon thereafter she was competing and performing all over the United States.

Over the years, Molly’s choreography and studio has been recognized with numerous awards. In addition, her competition company has consistently received top elite honors at both regional and national levels. Miss Molly also travels to judge dance competitions for several well known companies.

Today, Molly keeps her dance skills current with the latest technique by attending dance conventions and seminars. Her expertise includes Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Pointe, Gymnastics, Lyrical, Cheerleading, Hip Hop and Contemporary.

Molly is now a “studio mom” as well as the director, she finds that it is important to nurture the talents of her students and faculty by observing as well as teaching to their highest potential.

Kelly Newsome
Kelly Newsome | Dance Instructor
Braille Menefee
Brialle Menefee | Dance Instructor
Clair Jahnigen

Clair Jahnigen | Dance Instructor

Evelyn Cuddihy

Evelyn Cuddihy | Dance Instructor

Isabelle Cuddihy

Isabelle Cuddihy | Dance Instructor

Kylie Loraditch

Kylie Loraditch | Dance Instructor

Montana Steward

Montana Steward | Dance Instructor